About Us

Unlike many successful stories, NRG was a small start up in 2008 with an ambition. Within 5 years of its inception; NRG could create its excellent profile with prominent Indian brands in its products lines.

We were serving all Shops in Ireland and Northern Ireland. From 2012, NRG changed its name to NRG Indian imports limited, aiming to expand its services to all over Europe and will be serving to catering sector as B2B business. We believe in fair trade policies, scientific approaches to the business, which made us outstanding with in our customers and suppliers too.

Presently we are authorised importers and distributor to around 10 Indian brands from India & supplying 785 product lines and other 6 companies are under negotiations.
We are into distribution of frozen goods too.
We have enough transportation and having patronage with logistics companies to serve any part of Ireland and the Europe.


Our Ethics And Values Towards

Our Customers

»  Transperant Pricing policy
»  Handling the returns or excess stock
»  Education the customers about products

To the Society

»Importing and distributing only quality products
»Matching retail prices to the economic standards

Our supplying companies

»  Prompt in Payments
»  Constructive feed back

Core Principles

»  We don’t just trade; we do market the product
»  We Avoid negotiation with customers, speak the development
»  Be a fair trade person believe in fair trade