About Us

NRG Group is one of the pioneers in bringing Indian brands to Europe and creating a niche market that caters to South Asian communities spread all over Europe. Through wider network of Sub distributors and Retail shops all over Europe NRG is a fast-growing Import and Distribution company.

The expats will always have the emotional connect with their homeland and long for all kind of groceries that has become inseparable from their lives since childhood. This is what made NRG group of companies begin this venture. Many distributors are in this business, but NRG understands the emotional angle and provides tailor-made solutions for the needs and demands. We also cater to the needs of Europeans and mainstream customers as well.

Well defined value system, Ethics, and a scientific approach is the core of our business. Through our expertise, dedication, and culture, we have achieved the trust of Many retailers and Wholesalers as well exporters in our over the decade-long journey. We have establishments in 4 countries and connections with more than 15 countries. With a strong and highly capable team of 45 members, we are planning to enter several geographical markets & Market segments.

“Nothing can compensate for one’s native taste and flavor and I’m proud to say that my organization is the first to import many of different Indian brand Products to Europe as per EU compliance in the new era of Indo-European Importing Business.”
                                                                                                    – Narender Reddy Gooda, Director, NRG Group.

We at NRG Imports take great pride in bringing India’s top food brands, cosmetics to Europe through our extensive network of distributors and retailers.
In collaboration with the best brands in India, we cater to all the needs of the ethnic market. With an impressive track record of more than 25 years, we aspire to become synonymous of Indian ethnic market in Europe.
NRG Imports is established in 2007 by Mr. Narender Reddy Gooda, a single man army with a vision of becoming one of the leaders in European’s ethnic market. Mr. Reddy’s vast knowledge and rich experience propelled him to start this venture. With more than 25 years of business experience, he had a burning desire to popularize Indian products in the EU. There is sheer hard work, passion and perseverance behind the creation of NRG Imports. Understanding the diverse needs of the expatriates’ community and satisfying their ever growing demands has been the topmost priority of NRG Group.

It was not promoted as a business per se. The NRG Group had The Huge responsibility to bring Indian groceries to Indians living in Europe and give them the feeling of Indianess anywhere in Europe. From 2009, NRG Imports got associated with Indian brands to be one of the renowned leaders in EU’s grocery market. NRG Imports became a private limited company with an increased focus on brands from India and other countries and NRG is proud to be the first company in Europe to get associated with many Indian companies.

In 2013, NRG Foods was set up in India to support consolidations, operations, back-office support for the Europe team.

NRG Group has partnered with 29 brands, FMCG manufacturers belonging to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Nepal.
Our core strength is our employees who serve as the backbone of this organization. 58 people work at NRG out of which 22 are postgraduates with more than 8 years of business experience.
NRG is always proud to have an exceptional team that works round the clock in providing outstanding service to our clients. We have a software and analytics team who are involved in continuous research about the market, demand-supply scenario and various other factors that can improve our services to the expatriates.

We always aspire to be the best in whatever we do and in our journey towards providing customer satisfaction and quality service, we have achieved many laurels. NRG Imports became the highest grocer of Haldiram in Europe for three consecutive years namely, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

We also have the distinction of being the first company to have brought 25 brands to Europe using our consolidated containers.

NRG Imports became the largest FMCG importer in the Netherlands for the years namely, 2018 & 2019.

We have great dreams of expanding our operations all over Europe and aspire to become a one-stop destination for all South Asian exporters who wish to spread their wings in Europe.

With the aid of ROBO ING, AIV, BOI bank & European Central Bank and through 2.2 Mn Euro investment, by the next 5 years, we want to capture a notable market share in the European Indian ethnic market.

We believe in integrity and fair-trade policy. All are dealings are transparent and we never compromise on quality. Our solid values and principles have made us the most sought-after importer of Indian goods in Europe.
We offer a transparent pricing policy to our customers enabling hassle-free purchase with proper compliance and affordable pricing. Trading is not our motto; Marketing a product all over Europe is our vision and mission. We educate our customers about the products and ensure there is no returns or excess stock.
All our products are EU compliant and are HACCP certified. We are not just profit seekers; We have always tried to lower our profit margin and maintained our prices as per the economic standards.
All our supplying companies continue to provide support to us due to our accountability and prompt payment.