What We Do

You can have a tension-free business with us. As all our products are nutrition compliant and we ensure continuous availability of products.

Hoteliers and restaurant chains are also our distribution partners. We serve as the one-stop destination for the top Indian brands and as our distributors, you save money as well as gain trade knowledge.

All our products are EU compliant and we take extreme care in labelling the products in the appropriate languages. We ensure the safety of the consumers by proper labelling of all the brands we supply. As a retailer, you can simply sell the products without any compliance issues.

We are open for partnership with all other top India brands too which can help you in creating a niche in Europe’s Indian ethnic market. As we have extensive knowledge about the European market and trends, we can use the right marketing strategies to bring your brand in the limelight. We sincerely aspire to make your brand an integral part of every Indian kitchen in Europe.
With ever-changing market trends, we study and analyse the market, demand-supply ratio, and the product in particular. This helps us to understand the client’s needs in a much better way.
NRG Imports is the most trusted importer and distributor of Indian groceries in Europe. We are always open to constructive feedback from that has improved the quality of our services to a great extent.
Join us as our partners in delivering India’s fragrance across Europe!